The CSUF Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Congratulations to the following competitors for earning a bid to the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions!


·       Vishnutejas Mummidi (Young Genius-Bay Area) in Persuasive speaking

·       Amanda Liu (Valencia High School) in Dramatic Interpretation

·       Minji Cho (Nova 42 Academy) in Humorous Interpretation

·       Hanmo Yang (Northwood High School) in Thematic Interpretation

·       Donya Afshar (Valley International Prep) in Informative Speaking

·       Giuseppe DiMassa (Nova 42 Academy) in Extemporaneous Speaking


For more information, visit the NIETOC site:



Also congratulations to the Top Middle School and Novice speakers from events that collapsed (these don’t show up on the results page so I am posting them here):


·       Tanishka Joshi (Honor Academy) Top Novice in Open Extemporaneous Speaking

·       Seleen Salour (Cogito Debate) Top Novice in Open Informative Speaking

·       Kahan Kanuga (Velasquez Academy) Top Middle School in Novice Oratorical Interpretation

     Aarohi Goel (Young Genius-Bay Area) Top Middle School in Novice Persuasive Speaking


Greetings IE folks!



Here is the zoom link for IE awards, happening ASAP:





Here’s the revised IE schedule for Sunday:

7:30 AM

Extemp Draw

8:00-9:15 AM

Round 1- Pattern A


9:15-10:30 AM

Round 1-Pattern B


10:30 AM

Extemp Draw

11:00-12:15 PM

Round 2- Pattern A


12:15-12:45 PM


12:45-2:00 PM

Round 2-Pattern B


2:00 PM

Extemp Draw for finals

2:30-4:00 PM

Round 3 or Finals for Pattern A

4:00-5:30 PM

Round 3 or Finals for Pattern B


Awards (zoom link to come)



First, we are excited to host you this weekend!

Second, we encourage judges who are new to judging (or ones that would like a refresher) to view the following video from 2020 tournament’s virtual judge training (the run time is almost 90 minutes). However, there are explanations of every event so you can feel free to watch the events that are most relevant to you.

The video begins with general tab room/judging instructions and then is followed by debate event explanations. Explanations of judging the various Individual Events begins at about 48:40.***(see below for changes to IEs since this video)

Additional judge instructions are available for download on the Tournament’s main page (links are on the right side under “Tournament Pages & Forms”).

Third, here are the various Zoom links for this weekend’s tournament:

Debate Judges Room and Judge Training assistance (available at 4 pm):

Debate Registration* and Debate Tab Rooms  (different tabulation rooms will be found in different break-out rooms on this link):

*Please note, there is no formal debate registration. If your invoice and entries are correct and your Eventbrite page is paid or will be paid by the end of the tournament, YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND REGISTRATION. Registration is necessary for anyone with logistical questions, judge availability changes, or last-minute student drops.

Please note that the following Virtual Rooms are available for Sunday ONLY:

IE Judges Room (Sunday Only)

Extemp Prep Room

Judges and coaches/chaperones please use the following links for forms:

Online form (for each judge): 

Online form (for 1 coach and/or chaperone): 

If you need to pay your fees for the tournament, please use our Eventbrite link. Continue to "Event Details," which is where you can purchase "tickets."  

Please be sure your price is correct before paying - if you have questions or catch an error, let me know!


***There are a couple of changes to IEs since this training video:

1. Duo competitors can either compete with separate cameras OR be in the same room competing. Please do not let this affect your preference when judging, as their ability to compete in the same room might be limited due to COVID restrictions and they can't help that :)

2. If a competitor's connection cuts out, there's no 10-minute restriction on reconnecting--the guideline is 45 minutes from the start of the round, or if they can reasonably get their speech in before the round ends. If they still aren't reconnecting, judge the part you did watch of their speech.

As always, don't spend time helping the student reconnect--direct them to this homepage to go to the gmail or one of the zoom rooms for help so you can keep the round going. Do wait just a minute to see if they will pop back in but if they don't, move on to the next student, and once they come back, then let them finish their speech. Your priority is to make sure the round is running on time, and our priority is to make sure they get the help they need :)