The Horrific Quacktastic COVID Classic feat Pino

2021 — Cyberspace, baby, WY/US

Thank you for your interest in the Horrific Quacktastic COVID Classic feat. Pino (formally known as the Tiger Classic) @Rock Springs High School!

We will use the Zoom model.


Online registration will be from 11am - 2pm MST Thursday, February 25th. You may do this through the red "Onsite" tab or through a zoom link (if you have changes) we'll email you the day before.


Please read all information carefully, as we have made some changes to better accommodate the online format. We will not be awarding Triple Threat Awards this year, but we added some fun stuff to make up for it :)

Please note that we are holding three rounds THURSDAY AFTERNOON/EVENING in order to keep rounds after school but still hold 4 prelims of all events.

All winning prelim records in debate will break - we have three out rounds in debate built into the schedule.

PF and LD will use the MARCH topics.

Public Forum Debate - Resolved: On balance, the benefits of creating the United States Space Force outweigh the harms.

Lincoln Douglas DebateResolved: The United States ought to guarantee universal child care.

All events will be synchronous EXCEPT for Duo, *Judge Paradigm Interpretation and **IE Advocacy. Links for DUO are due the day before the tournament by 8pm (Wednesday, February 24th). Duo must be recorded using a split screen. Help with recording duo can be found here. 

Please email links for Judge Paradigm Interpretation and IE Advocacy by TUESDAY, February 23rd at 8pm directly to

Doubling is allowed at your own risk within patterns (tripling within the CHOPIE pattern) with the exception of policy debate, which may not be double entered in the "D" pattern.

Legislation will be released by February 11th. Super Congress legislation will consist of bills taken from NSDA dockets that seem like fun and will be released along with preliminary round bills.


Judge Paradigm interpretation is an asynchronous event that offers debaters a chance to mercilessly mock a judge's paradigm. 

Please keep your performance to between 2 and 5 minutes. Links to videos are due Tuesday, February 23rd at 8pm, Entries will be judged by members of the RSHS team. Does not count for sweepstakes, but we WILL give you a medal if you're in the top 3. 

Also, if you're super funny we'll play your video before awards.


**IE Advocacy, held asynchronously - it's free, just email a link by Tuesday, February 23 at 8pm to  Here's what we'd like to see:

Orators, Informative Speakers, Humorous/Dramatic/Duo/Poetry/Program Oral Interpers - do you ever envy debaters their ability to tell the judge why you should win? Here's your chance!

For no less than two minutes, and no more than five, tell us why you should win every round! Or just more than you do! Explain why your piece is worthy and why you are a fantastic performer (feel free to give us an excerpt!).

Points taken off for being mean - this is all in good fun! But also, it will be judged by members of the RSHS Speech and Debate team and we don't promise to be objective. But if you are in the top three we'll send you a shiny medal and will play your video before finals :)




 2/22 update - we are moving DUO to the "CHOPIE" pattern, making it "CHOPIED" to balance judging needs. It's asynchronous, so it doesn't matter, just thought you should know!


D Pattern - CX, PF, LD, Program Oral Interp, Drama

CHOPIED Pattern - Congress, Humor, Oratory, Poetry, Informative, Extemp, Duo

Thursday, February 25

Round 1 - 3:30 Debate, Drama, POI

Round 1 - 5:30 CHOPIED

Round 2 - 6:45 Debate, Drama, POI

Friday, February 26

Round 2 - 3:30 CHOPIED

Round 3 - 5:00 Debate, Drama, POI

Round 3 - 7:00 CHOPIED

Round 4 - 8:30pm Debate, Drama, POI - we will do our best to single-flight PF and

LD this round

Saturday, February 27

Round 4 - 8:00am CHOPIED - but not Congress

Elim Rd 1 - 9:30 Debate, Duo, Drama POI

Semis - 11:30 CHOPIED

Elim Rd 2 - 1pm Debate, Drama, POI

Finals - 3pm CHOPIED

Elim Rd. 3 - 4:30 Debate, Drama, POI

Awards - 5pm



Stephanie Cozzens