John C Stennis Novice Invitational

2020 — NSDA Campus, MS/US

Click here to watch welcome videos from the Stennis Center for Public Service and Mississippi State University Speech & Debate Council.

Stay up to date on tournament announcements by checking @magnoliadebate on twitter.


Schedule Adjustments and Clarifications - consider these the final times below:

Debate is pushed back to "after school" hours on Friday:

PF/LD Round 1: 5:30pm (be in virtual rooms by 5:15pm)

PF/LD Round 2: 7:00pm (be in virtual rooms by 6:45pm)

PF/LD Round 3: 8:30pm (be in virtual rooms by 8:15pm)

After round 3 has been tabbed, Quarterfinalists will be announced on twitter and posted on tabroom.

PF/LD Quarterfinals start at 8:00am on Saturday (be in virtual rooms by 7:45am).

Extemp Prep 1 starts at 8:15am in the Prep Room (Extempers will have a link in their tabroom account)

Congress Session 1 will be 9:00am-11:00am in Zoom (Students will be provided the link and should join at least 15 min. early.)

Extemp Prep 2 - 9:45am

All asynchronous prelim speech ballots must be turned in by 10:00am.

PF/LD Semis - 10:00am

Extemp Prep 3 - 1:00pm

PF/LD Finals - 1:00pm

Congress Finals (all competitors will advance) - 1:00pm-3:00pm.

Asynchronous speech finals will be judged between noon and 2:00pm.

Extemp Prep Finals (all will advance) - 3:30pm

Awards will be presented on Instagram and/or Youtube. Keep an eye on Twitter for links/times.




Judging Instructions (READ and SHARE with your judges. Even if you already have competed online, these are the specific guidelines we'll be following for this tournament, and they may be different from your previous experiences.)

Registration Instructions (This is geared toward coaches new to


Clarification for uploading the speech recordings:

1. Students should film their videos on their device of choice (NSDA RULES APPLY - NO PROFESSIONAL LIGHTS. NO PROFESSIONAL RECORDING OR SOUND EQUIPMENT. ONE TAKE/NO EDITING) and upload them to Youtube. 
2. Students should change the setting on their video upload to “only available with link” (or "unlisted")to assure privacy.
3. Students share those links with their coaches.

4. Coaches go to Tabroom and click on their entries tab within the tournament registration. Next to each entry is a little blue edit button (next to the delete entry button). Click the edit button for each speech entry.
5. Paste the youtube link into the field provided there.


Speeches were "due" Monday with registration, but we understand it's new process to figure out, so we can give some grace time until Tuesday afternoon for the recordings. 

Please put your entries in Monday regardless, so that we have a sense of numbers. (Tabroom will allow you to register the entry without the link.)

Get the links added by 2:00pm Tuesday, please. Tab staff will need time to audit and check everything and prepare sections/ballots.

Please double-check all your entries for links and test the links to make sure they work (and go to the right student/piece).