Stephen Stewart Middle and High School Invitational

2020 — milpitas, CA/US

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The Stephen Stewart invitational is named after our teams late founder. Milpitas Speech and Debate is a H.S. team that hires its coaching staff for the High school and two Middle Schools based on the proceeds of our tournament. We are a PF Gold bid at Semis, NIETOC qualifiers in the appropriate events, and NPDL Parliamentary bids. We offer VPF, JVPF, NPF, VLD, NLD, OPar, Npar, Congress, HI, DI, DUO, IX, NX, OO, OA, OI, Imp, Info, and POI. This year for medical reasons, the tournament will be held on-line using NSDA campus for Debate and most speech, Zoom for congress, and likely flipgrid for Duo. The tournament staff to date consists of experienced tabroom operators from the west coast region. We will also have an ombudsperson/equity officer. Please consider joining us this year. The invitation can be downloaded from the main page.

Charles Schletzbaum: Director

Disha Yadav: Team President


Notice: We will be requiring all judges to complete the NFHS "Protect students from abuse" training course. Once completed, this course will allow you to be verified as a judge for not only our tournament, but Loyola and potentially others.

In light of potential Numbers I have decided to add Novice congress for novices and Middle Schoolers.

UPDATE: we just added Square... I can now at your request send invoices to be paid over the square app by card.

Remember: To be taken off the waitlist Requires either a: Judge coverage for your squad OR b: Payment.   People taken off the waitlist, but not paid, could be re waitlisted the last week of the event if payment is not verified.  This is important because I need to order ROOMS from NSDA Campus