New Horizons PF Tournament Nov blitz

2019 — Santo Domingo, DO

The New Horizons debate circuit

The New Horizons debate circuit is a small closed circuit for New Horizons Santo Domingo/Santiago Schools. We often invite other schools to promote the development of camaraderie and debate skills. The judges are usually experienced New Horizons graduates, parents, coaches and teachers. When we invite other schools, their coaches, parents and staff are also welcome to judge. Everyone has to go through a short training process prior to judging. We do provide training in judging, flow, and use of e-ballots.

We have regular and blitz formats. In blitz we prefer rapid back-to-back rounds, lots of practice, good feedback and no breaking. Winners are determined by final seeding.

The main rules for our November blitz are as follow.

Comfortable clothes

Internet usage allowed per NSDA 2019-2020 pilot rules

Topic: November NSDA Topic Public Forum Debate – 2019: Resolved: The benefits of the United States federal government’s use of offensive cyber operations outweigh the harms.

After R2 all rounds weighted.