Rim 2 Rim at College of Southern Idaho

2019 — Twin Falls, ID/US

2019 Rim2Rim Rally

Hosted by the

College of Southern Idaho


Dear Debate & Speech Coaches:

The Magic Valley cordially invites to attend the 2019 Rim2Rim Rally.  This year the tournament will once again be held at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls.

Friday, December 13th and Saturday, December 14th

We are excited to offer “east meets west” competition and, of course, legendary hospitality. The entry limits on events have been increased, and if necessary, please use the waitlist option.  We have lots of rooms and will do our best to accommodate all participants.

Speech Events:

Duo Interpretation

Humorous Interpretation

Dramatic Interpretation

Informative Speaking

Original Oratory

Oratorical Analysis

After Dinner Speaking


Program Oral Interpretation


Retold Story



Radio Speaking

Debate Events:

Novice/Open Public Forum

Novice/Open Policy

Novice/Open Lincoln Douglas



According to Idaho's definition, the novice division will be restricted to students in their first year of competition.


We will follow the Idaho Debate Code. Novice Policy will adhere to the novice plan texts only. See Novice Policy for these.  


For our full evidence rules please see Idaho/NSDA Debate Code.


UPDATE!!!  Congressional Debate will utilize the legislation packet that was used at the Holiday Havoc at Columbia HS as a majority of students and schools that attended that event will be at Rim2Rim.  The docket will be set in chamber.  The file is attached to the website on the top right homepage. 


UPDATE!!!  The panel discussion topics will be the following:

âž” How do diversity and inclusion programs in Idaho’s Colleges and Universities affect students?

âž” How does the electoral college help or hurt American democracy?

âž” Is violence in the face of injustice morally justified?

âž” Is media literacy the responsibility of the press or of the public?




Registration: The deadline is 4:00 p.m. (MST) on Wednesday, December 12, 2019.  We will be using Tabroom.com; please upload your entries online. 

Limits & Conflicts:   Schools may enter a maximum of 10 students in each speech event.  Students must single enter in panel, radio, retold, and extemporaneous events.  Students may double enter in other speech events.  When double entering students, keep in mind, the campus is large and students are required to make it to rounds within the time window or risk forfeit.  To ensure the tournament runs on time, no exceptions can be made.

Schools may enter up to 15 students in each division of any form of debate, and 20 students in congress.  Students may enter only one type of debate or congress because they conflict.

Be sure to register early as this tournament fills fast.  We may increase event caps based on waitlist, and we will determine event limit increases one week before the tournament.  We may need to change or cancel certain offerings if they are under-enrolled at the registration deadline.

You (the coach) have complete freedom to drop and change up until the deadline of Wednesday at 4:00 PM. After that a penalty fee of $50.00 is incurred for changes. Friday morning at 8:00 AM the change/drop penalty fee will increase to $75.00.

Judges:  This tournament will continue its tradition of ensuring judges are fed and comfortable.  Of course, the judge’s lounge will have light refreshments, and every judge will receive two meal tickets to use in the cafeteria for dinner on Friday, and lunch on Saturday courtesy of the tournament.

Each school must provide the following:

Speech: one (1) judge for every five (5) entries or portion thereof.
Debate: one (1) judge for every two (2) policy teams or portion thereof, one (1) judge for every four Lincoln-Douglas or Public Forum debaters, or portion/combination thereof, and one (1) judge for every 6 congress entries or portion thereof.

There are very few tournament judges for hire so please make every effort to bring your required amount.  If you need to hire judges, please contact Jennifer Borman Jennifer.borman@boiseschools.org or Andy Orr Aorr@csi.edu. We will hold a judges meeting concurrent to the opening ceremony being held for students.

School judges are expected to be available throughout the tournament and are required to participate one round beyond their team’s elimination.

Judges provided by schools must pick up all ballots. Failure to pick up an assigned ballot for a round will result in a substitute judge being provided at a charge of $100.00.

Oral critiques will not be tolerated. The judge's school will be fined $50.00 per occurrence. Please discuss this with your judges prior to the tournament.

Dining & Concessions: The College of Southern Idaho cafeteria will be available on Friday for dinner and Saturday for lunch. Meals in the cafeteria will cost $8 each for all you can eat. Meals will be offered at the following times:


Friday Dinner: 4:30 – 6:30                     Saturday Lunch: 11:00 – 1:00 


We will also be supporting local concessions by offering snack items for purchase.


Additionally, UberEats and DoorDash both deliver to the student union building.  Food can also be delivered from the following restaurants:

®              Jimmy Johns    208-733-5338

®             Dominos          208-734-3960

®              Pizza Hut         208-734-9063

®                Wok-N-Grill     208-734-6898


Locations: Students may be dropped off near the Taylor Building. However, please have your buses park in the West Parking lots near the Harrett Center.

The opening ceremony will be held in the Fine Arts auditorium.  Afterward, students are to gather in the common areas of the Taylor Building.  This is where postings will be made.  Awards will be in the CSI Gym.


All students should remain in the common area between rounds and are expected to show respect toward CSI facilities as well as all students, faculty, and staff.  A coach or school designated representative should chaperone competitors during non-event times.


No food or drink is permitted in rooms (except water). This rule applies to both judges and students.


** No competitor may enter a room prior to the assigned judge or they will be dropped from the tournament. **


Schedule: This year we will be offering a traditional schedule with alternating speech and debate rounds.  To accommodate the extra time needed to walk between buildings, rounds are slightly longer than normal.  The tournament will take place after finals week at CSI, so there will be no classes or attending students on campus.  We are committed to running on time and will make every effort to end early if possible. 


There will be three preliminary rounds of speech on Friday.  Finalists will be announced on Tabroom.com after tabulation on Friday evening.  The final round of speech will occur the following day, at 12:30 PM on Saturday, with awards at 4:00 PM.


We will offer four preliminary rounds of debate, two on Friday and two on Saturday.  We have scheduled three potential elimination rounds based on the size of the brackets.  In an effort to allow teams to leave, there will be one elimination round before, and the other two after, the awards ceremony.


Congress will have two rounds.  On Friday, the first round will be split into two sessions.  On Saturday, the second round will have one session.  Based on our tremendous entry from last year, we have decided to schedule a semi-final round of congress before awards, and a final round after.  This will allow more than two students to break from each chamber.