Marist Scrimmage Series 2

2018 — Atlanta, GA/US

The Marist Scrimmage Series # 2 will be held on October 17, 2018 at Marist School. 

We will meet in the Connoly Lecture Hall on the first floor of the Ivy Street Center.  Please aim to be here by 3:45pm.  We hope to start all first round 1 debates by 4:00pm.  All debates will be held in the Ivy Street Building.


4:00pm - Policy Round 1, LD Round 1, PF Round 1, 7th Grade Debate Round 1
5:15pm - PF Round 2, 7th Grade Debate Round 2
6:00pm - FREE Dinner provided in the Ivy Street Lobby
6:15pm - Policy Round 2

There is no cost for the Scrimmage.  The pizza and water is complementary for all coaches, judges and competitors. 

If you have any questions, please email Jeffrey Miller at


All events are restricted to first year debaters.  The purpose of the scrimmage is for teaching young students the right way to debate.

Policy Debate will be using the GFCA Novice Policy Packet - rules can be found at  We will be using a modified format used in many Kansas scrimmages in order to finish debates quicker.

1AC 8 min, CX 2 min
1NC 6 min, CX 2 min
2AC 6 min, CX 2 min
2NC 6 min, CX 2 min
1NR 4 min
1AR 4 min
2NR 4 min
2AR 4 min
Prep Time AFF 5 min, Prep Time NEG 5 min

Public Forum will flip for sides unless coaches request otherwise for some teams.  They will be debating the UNCLOS resolution for September/October.

Lincoln Douglas will debate the September/October resolution.