Stephen Stewart Middle and High School Invitational at Milpitas

2018 — Milpitas, CA/US

We would love to welcome you to the 3rd Annual Stephen Stewart invitational at Milpitas HS, named after our founder. This year we are proud to offer Gold TOC bids to Finalists in Public Forum, and Silver to Semi-finalists

Please note we have moved to a new date, September 29 and 30.

Note PF uses September-October PF and LD topics

Novice Debate is SATURDAY only (5 rounds, awards to winning records).

Speech this year will be Sunday Only

Please remember that although this tournament is meant to include Middle schools and academies, please limit your entries to 6th grade and up.

R1 and R2 Parli Topic Areas

R1: U.S.-China relations

R2: U.S. natural disaster response 

R3-5 posted in Tab at the conclusion of the previous round.