13th Annual Alief Hastings Speech and Debate Tournament

2023 — Houston, TX/US
Field in Foreign Extemp
21 entries
School Location Entry Code
A and M Consolidated TX/US Sage Duncan A and M Consolidated Sage Duncan
Elkins TX/US Yu Yan Elkins Yu Yan
Elkins TX/US Jaydev Moparthy Elkins Jaydev Moparthy
Holy Trinity Catholic TX/US Nicholas Boor Holy Trinity Catholic Nicholas Boor
Lamar TX/US Mischa Wijesekera Lamar Mischa Wijesekera
Stephen F Austin TX/US Hayya Mustafa Stephen F Austin Hayya Mustafa
Strake Jesuit College Prep TX/US Abel Kallely Strake Jesuit Abel Kallely
Kinkaid TX/US Allison Yang Kinkaid Allison Yang
Village TX/US Tanmay Rai Village Tanmay Rai
Tompkins TX/US Jaylon Ma Tompkins Jaylon Ma
Tompkins TX/US Prisha Singh Tompkins Prisha Singh
Tompkins TX/US Ryan Mustafa Tompkins Ryan Mustafa
Tompkins TX/US Inteeba Imtiaz Tompkins Inteeba Imtiaz
Tompkins TX/US Robert Tantiado Tompkins Robert Tantiado
Tompkins TX/US Ananya Narayankumar Tompkins Ananya Narayankumar
Tompkins TX/US Meghana Kunapareddy Tompkins Meghana Kunapareddy
Tompkins TX/US Sanjay Senthilvelan Tompkins Sanjay Senthilvelan
William P. Clements TX/US Ali Hussain William P. Clements Ali Hussain
William P. Clements TX/US Jasmine Hoang William P. Clements Jasmine Hoang
William P. Clements TX/US Brianna Shrestha William P. Clements Brianna Shrestha