Duquesne University Invitational

2022 — Pittsburgh, PA/US
Field in Public Forum
16 entries
School Location Entry Code Record
Aquinas Academy of Pittsburgh PA/US Bradley & Recchi BA Bradley & Recchi
Aquinas Academy of Pittsburgh PA/US Burnsworth & Repasky BA Burnsworth & Repasky
North Allegheny PA/US Pu & Otthi AE Pu & Otthi
North Allegheny PA/US Hu & Hebbar Swaroop Hebbar
North Allegheny PA/US Samanta & Krishna AE Samanta & Krishna
Pittsburgh Allderdice PA/US Saxena & Hadi BD Saxena & Hadi
Pittsburgh Allderdice PA/US Carter & Unadkat BD Carter & Unadkat
Pittsburgh Central Catholic PA/US Elder & Hudson AH Elder & Hudson
Pittsburgh Central Catholic PA/US Brienza & Murphy AH Brienza & Murphy
Pittsburgh Central Catholic PA/US Athanassiou & Richardson AH Athanassiou & Richardson
Upper St Clair PA/US Khan & Wang AP Khan & Wang
Upper St Clair PA/US Barimani & Lin AP Barimani & Lin
Upper St Clair PA/US Chen & Vilensky AP Chen & Vilensky
Upper St Clair PA/US McCurrie & Sinha AP McCurrie & Sinha
Upper St Clair PA/US Chandran & Godwin AP Chandran & Godwin
Upper St Clair PA/US Laffin & Sathya Vagheeswar AP Laffin & Sathya Vagheeswar