Philhistorian Middle School and High School Championship

2023 — NSDA Campus, US
Field in Elementary School Congressional Debate (G3-5)
32 entries
School Location Entry Code Status
Athens CA/US Cody Liu Cody Liu
Athens CA/US Kate Lowe Kate Lowe
Athens CA/US Andrew Cho Andrew Cho
Athens CA/US Sarah Zhou Sarah Zhou
Athens CA/US Devan Mohan Devan Mohan
Athens CA/US Jayin Mohan Jayin Mohan
Athens CA/US Kyle Zhuang Kyle Zhuang
Athens CA/US Luke D'Urso Luke D'Urso
Athens CA/US Robert Tang Robert Tang
Athens CA/US Aurie Joesuf Aurie Joesuf
Athens CA/US Darren Huang Darren Huang
Athens CA/US Shreya Verma Shreya Verma
Athens CA/US Maxwell Tombo Maxwell Tombo
Athens CA/US Zachary White Zachary White
Athens CA/US Agil Saravanan Agil Saravanan
Athens CA/US Vikranth Anand Vikranth Anand
Athens CA/US Vinayak Shukla Vinayak Shukla
Athens CA/US Renji Schroeder Renji Schroeder
Athens CA/US Achyuth Krishnan Achyuth Krishnan
Athens CA/US Keeran Sundqvist Keeran Sundqvist
Athens CA/US Scarlett Bigelow Scarlett Bigelow
Athens CA/US Arjun Sivaprakash Arjun Sivaprakash
Athens CA/US Polina Sverlikava Polina Sverlikava
Athens CA/US Aatmika Kaddevarmuth Aatmika Kaddevarmuth
Athens CA/US Adhrutha Subramoniam Adhrutha Subramoniam
Hudson Arts and Science Charter NJ/US Yash Shah Yash Shah
Hudson Arts and Science Charter NJ/US Imrane Lachheb Imrane Lachheb
ModernBrain CA/US Rena Zhuang Rena Zhuang
Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart NJ/US Nathan Lin Nathan Lin
Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart NJ/US Alexander Nool Alexander Nool
Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart NJ/US Anthony Multari Anthony Multari
Velásquez CA/US Arwen Wan Arwen Wan