2022 — NSDA Campus, US
Field in MS PF
16 entries
School Location Entry Code Record
Ascent TW Zhang & Song Ascent ZS
Potomac East MD/US Anand & Yelamanchili Potomac East AY
Potomac East MD/US Battulga & Parmar Potomac East BP
Potomac East MD/US Bernhoft & Raghavan Potomac East BR
Potomac East MD/US Bommareddy & Yuan Potomac East BY
Potomac East MD/US Dsilva & Zhao Potomac East DZ
Potomac East MD/US Sivakumar & Budhdev Potomac East SB
Potomac West MD/US Babakhanov & Lee Potomac West BL
Potomac West MD/US Bande & Sil Potomac West BS
Potomac West MD/US Bi & Wu Potomac West BW
Potomac West MD/US Doshi & Gupta Potomac West DG
Potomac West MD/US Kanodia & Wong Potomac West KW
Potomac West MD/US Wong & Zhang Potomac West WZ
Rice Independent TX/US Wang & Mower Rice Independent WM
Speech and Debate India IN Abhyankar & gutha Speech and Debate India AG
Speech and Debate India IN Gogineni & Gupta Speech and Debate India GG