2023 — Round Rock, TX/US
Field in Poetry
10 entries
School Location Entry Code
Geneva School of Boerne TX/US Julia Hammock Geneva School of Boerne Julia Hammock
McNeil TX/US Rylee Montgomery McNeil Rylee Montgomery
Richard King TX/US Hannah Shell Richard King Hannah Shell
Wylie TX/US Liya Biratu Wylie Liya Biratu
Wylie TX/US Sarah Ahmed Wylie Sarah Ahmed
Wylie TX/US Nisha Mulani Wylie Nisha Mulani
Wylie TX/US Ashfia Rahman Wylie Ashfia Rahman
Wylie TX/US Christina Maru Wylie Christina Maru
Wylie TX/US Kaleigh Wright Wylie Kaleigh Wright
Wylie TX/US Brooklyn Pannell Wylie Brooklyn Pannell