TOC Digital Speech and Debate Series 1

2022 — NSDA Campus, US
Field in Policy (Varsity)
46 entries
School Location Entry Code Status Record
ADL TW Chao & Wang ADL CW
ADL TW Yen & Chan ADL YC
Barstow MO/US Bauman & Levin Barstow BL
Barstow MO/US Gadit & Sood Barstow GS
Barstow MO/US Schedler & Sampat Barstow SS
Barstow MO/US Sharma & Vora Barstow VS
Brookfield East WI/US Lennon & Santebennur Brookfield East LS
Brookfield East WI/US Muthupandiyan & Li Brookfield East ML
Coppell TX/US Patel & Chalamalasetty Coppell PC
Fox Chapel Area PA/US Thirumala & Hwang Fox Chapel Area TH
Galloway GA/US Edmonds & Gundlapalli Galloway EG
Galloway GA/US Isenberg & Perez-Rubio Galloway IP
Galloway GA/US Munroe & Waller Galloway MW
Isidore Newman LA/US Carmody & Jolly Isidore Newman CJ
Isidore Newman LA/US Carmody & Martin Isidore Newman CM
Kickapoo MO/US McCullough & Montford Moss McCullough
Leland CA/US Kashani Gregg & Connolly Leland KC
Liberal Arts and Science TX/US Castillo-West & Sosa Liberal Arts and Science CS
Lincoln East NE/US Cai & Suh Lincoln East CS
Lowell CA/US Chen & Liu Lowell CL
Lowell CA/US So & Neubarth Lowell NS
Montgomery Bell TN/US Brandes & Guo Montgomery Bell BG
NSU FL/US Anderson & Egozi NSU AE
New Trier IL/US Jack & Subeck June Jack
New Trier IL/US Warner & Zarea Skye Warner
New Trier IL/US Gordon & Shah New Trier GS
New Trier IL/US Harrison & Lee New Trier HL
New Trier IL/US Heftman & Pluta New Trier HP
North Broward Prep FL/US Gopal & Neupane North Broward Prep GN
Oakton VA/US Bhattacharjya & Kim Oakton BK
Perry OH/US Slish & Tormasi Perry ST
San Marino CA Louie & Liang San Marino LL
South Eugene OR/US Gibson & Reeves South Eugene GR
St Croix Prep MN/US Erickson & Veith St Croix Prep EV
St Mark's School of Texas TX Bidare & Guddati St Mark's School of Texas BG
Taipei American TW Huang & Lin Taipei American HL
Taipei American TW Wang & Baba Taipei American WB
Taipei American TW Yao & Liu Taipei American YL
Avery Coonley IL/US Bendre & Yu Avery Coonley BY
Pembroke Hill MO/US Connor & Yarlagadda Pembroke Hill CY
Pembroke Hill MO/US Khalif & O'Connell Pembroke Hill KO
Thomas Jefferson HSST VA/US Li & Poudel Thomas Jefferson HSST LP
Truman MO/US Book & Williams Truman BW
West Campus (Sacramento) CA/US Enos & Hsu West Campus (Sacramento) EH