Georgetown Fall Pf and LD 2022

2022 — NSDA Campus, DC/US
Field in Online PF MS Open
48 entries
School Location Entry Code Record
BC Academy BC/CA Yao & Park BC Academy YP
Bergen NJ/US Chaisanguanthum & Ren Bergen CR
Bergen NJ/US Moszuti & Choi Bergen MC
Bergen NJ/US Vikram Gangu Bergen VG
Bergen NJ/US Pandit & Kim Hayul (Ellie) Kim
Del Mar Montessori CA/US Shi & Synn Del Mar Montessori SS
Ivy Bridge GA/US Chen & Nuthalapati Ivy Bridge CN
Ivy Bridge GA/US Choi & Verma Ivy Bridge CV
Ivy Bridge GA/US Ding & Duerr Ivy Bridge DD
Ivy Bridge GA/US Lane & Lin Ivy Bridge LL
Ivy Bridge GA/US Ramineni & Raja Ivy Bridge RR
Ivy Bridge GA/US Sun & Baddela Ivy Bridge SB
Ivy Bridge GA/US Singh & Chen Ivy Bridge SC
Ivy Bridge GA/US Whitney & Joshi Ivy Bridge WJ
LRMS Debaters NY/US Whyte & Carillo Ashley Carrillo
LRMS Debaters NY/US Geffrard & Angulo LRMS Debaters GA
LRMS Debaters NY/US Magana & Green LRMS Debaters MG
LRMS Debaters NY/US Haricharan & Smith LRMS Debaters SH
LRMS Debaters NY/US Young & Ogundipe LRMS Debaters YO
ModernBrain CA/US Huang & Kwon ModernBrain HK
ModernBrain CA/US Mei & Le ModernBrain ML
ModernBrain CA/US Zhao & Shu ModernBrain ZS
Omega NJ/US Huang & Huang Omega HH
Omega NJ/US Huang & Sun Omega HS
Omega NJ/US Zhang & Huang Omega ZH
Omega NJ/US Zhang & Zhang Omega ZZ
Potomac MD/US Bi & Wu Potomac BW
Potomac MD/US Dsilva & Wu Potomac DW
Potomac MD/US Fang & Gundlapalli Potomac FG
Potomac MD/US Gabr & Liu Potomac GL
Potomac MD/US Goyal & Shehabi Potomac GS
Potomac MD/US Gupta & Zhao Potomac GZ
Potomac MD/US Kulkarni & U Potomac KU
Potomac MD/US Lin & Raghavan Potomac LR
Potomac MD/US Ramji & Rai Potomac RR
Potomac MD/US Ramesh & Yuan Potomac RY
Potomac MD/US Ren & Zhao Potomac RZ
Potomac MD/US Wong & Zhang Potomac WZ
Speech and Debate India IN Kacholia & Agrawal Speech and Debate India KA
Speech and Debate India IN Singh & Birmani Speech and Debate India SB
Speech and Debate India IN Sindhwani & Tan Speech and Debate India ST
Speech and Debate India IN Thareja & Machhar Speech and Debate India TM
Golden State CA/US Hathalia & Nagulapalli Golden State HN
Golden State CA/US Luo & Corbu Golden State LC
Golden State CA/US Yang & Su Golden State YS
VDA - Vancouver BC Lin & Jiang VDA - Vancouver LJ
VDA - Vancouver BC Qian & Shen VDA - Vancouver QS
VDA - Vancouver BC Tang & Han VDA - Vancouver TH