Dallastown Wildcat Invitational

2022 — Dallastown, PA/US


Abbreviation IMP
Format Speech
Entry Fee $12.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Competitors have a total of 7 minutes and 30 seconds to prepare and deliver a speech. There is no required minimum speaking time, but a competitor who exceeds 7:30 for total time elapsed cannot be ranked first.

• Students will select a topic (can be a quote, aphorism, etc.) and have limited time to prepare a speech on that topic. The speech must be delivered without the use of any notes. The student must bring the topic slip to the judge.

Organization: Is there a clear and central idea supported well by the main points? Is there a clear structure utilizing effective transitions?

Content: Is the speech a creative and effective development of the topic selected? Was the content significant, sufficient and interesting in light of the topic?

Communication: Is the speaker audible, articulate, and direct with the audience? Does the speaker seem interested and sincere? Does the speaker use humor as appropriate to the topic?

Overall Effect: Did the speaker effectively develop his or her topic? Did the speaker adequately inform, persuade, or entertain?