Cal State Fullerton Fall Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Institutions in Attendance

Academy of Higher Learning CA
Alliance Academy GA
Amador Valley High School CA
Ardrey Kell High School NC
Arktos Academy CA
Athens Debate CA
Aurorae Young Academy WA
BC Academy BC
Brooks Debate Institute CA
Burbank Senior HS CA
Canyon Crest Academy CA
Centennial High School (MD) MD
CL Academy CA
Cleveland High School (OR) OR
Cogito Debate CA
College Prep CA
Cranbrook MI
DebateDrills CA
Del Mar Montessori School CA
Delphian School OR
Dougherty Valley Bridge CA
Dougherty Valley High School CA
Fairmont Prep CA
Foothill High School CA
Fort Couch Middle School PA
Fullerton Union High School CA
Grand Rapids City MI
Gretchen Whitney High School CA
H.Edu CA
Hathaway Brown School OH
Honor Academy CA
ILearn Education CA
Independent Nomads NY
La Reina CA
Liangyi Youth Leadership CA
Lynbrook HS CA
Magnet Academy CA
Middleton WI
Mountain House High School CA
New Roads School CA
North Hollywood High School CA
Nova 42 Academy CA
Palisades Charter High School CA
Palo Alto High School CA
Perfect Score Academy CA
Pine View School FL
Pittsburgh Central Catholic PA
Potomac Debate Academy MD
Prestige Debate Academy CA
QD Learning CA
Ravenwood High School TN
Richard Montgomery High School MD
Riverside STEM Academy CA
Southlake Carroll TX
The Golden State Academy CA
The Quarry Lane School CA
The Village Middle School TX
Theodore Roosevelt High School IA
Velásquez Academy CA
Viewpoint School CA
West Ranch High School CA
Westlake High School CA
Westview High School CA
Whole Lotta Red University NJ
William G. Enloe HS NC
Winston Churchill High School MD
Woodbridge High School CA
Young Genius, Bay Area Speech and Debate Academy CA