16th Annual Claremont Wolfpack Invitational

2023 — Claremont, CA/US


A couple things I am not sure your coach told you:

  1. The wifi network is CUSD_Public and the password is CUSDGuest this weekend.
  2. If you are relying on physical postings, please make sure you start connecting with your Tabroom account. You will receive pairings, messages, random bits of encouragement... Only if you are properly connected. It is the wave of the future!
  3. Lunch is available to purchase at the snack bar in the teacher's lounge. Saturday is pizza, and Sunday is Chinese food. I haven't decided what we will have Monday*.
  4. You heard it here before your coaches did: in order to have timely awards on Sunday, speaker awards will be based off the first five rounds, as round six will be happening right then. If we can shift the times the way we want, your coach won't have to send someone up to interp you when they pick up your award. Help us stay on schedule by going to your room ASAP, even if you are flight two. Even though it is really funny when they interp you.
  5. Please be respectful on the campus. Put your trash and recycling in the right bins. Don't cross the caution tape in the classrooms. Don't be loud outside competition rooms. Thank your coach and give them some candy. Only use the student restrooms, and not the only adult ones. You are too young to swear that much, so please don't alarm your judges. Bring me some candy. Watch out for coyotes.
  6. Extemp Prep is in the 300 building multi-purpose room, on the second floor. Please go to the prep room ASAP after your previous round. Better to be early than have me call your coach to find you.
  7. Please help us stay on schedule by being in the places you should be, when you should be. I bet all of you want to be done at a reasonable time every night. Me too!

* I have no say whatsoever in what we have for lunch.