16th Annual Claremont Wolfpack Invitational

2023 — Claremont, CA/US

Who do I contact?

If you are a student, the answer to most questions will come through your coach. Or you can find it on Tabroom, like this info. If you have an issue that needs to go to Tab, your coach is the only one that can come take care of it, so please don't arrive without them.

If you are a judge, see the staff in the judge's room for help with most things.

Missing Judge - If it is 10 minutes past when your round was scheduled to start, please email the helpline. Only one person per room should email please. Sometimes we know a judge is missing, and we are pushing the ballot to someone new. Stay calm. Be ready to start as soon as possible after your judge arrives. The help email is claremontwolfpacktournaments@gmail.com. Please do not email the helpline and Rachel for the same problem.

Missing Student(s) - Is it a debate? All students, including those in flight two, should be at the room at the start of the round. If flight one is missing someone, have flight two debate first. The one exception to this is Parli, which has a 20 minute prep, and we will try to let judges know when the teams should be arriving. In debate, a team forfeits after 15 minutes. Is it Congress? Start the round after you do roll call and have the majority of the students there. If a student is late, allow them into the chamber, and do not rank them lower if they actively participate when they arrive. Is it speech? Students can be double entered and may not show up until the round is underway. Do not wait for late speech students. See the speeches in any order, but make sure you keep track of that order. The exception to this is DX and IX, which will have the students coming to the room one at a time after their 30 minutes of supervised prep. They should arrive in the correct order listed on your ballot. If a student misses the round, you must come to Tab for assistance with your ballot. There is no possible way for you to enter your ballot correctly without help.

Drops/Adds/Protests/Fines/Invoice Issues - Coaches should come to the Tab room for all of these problems and more, to talk to Rachel Wear, with the blue hair. She's around there or looking for dill pickles somewhere.

Equity Concerns - If you have any equity concerns, please contact Dave Chamberlain at 951-966-4417 or you can usually find him around the Library/Judge's Room. Look for a plaid button up shirt.

Any Other Problems? - See the Tab Director Rachel Wear. It's probably her job to solve your problem.