Winter Invitational at Cumberland Valley

2023 — Mechanicsburg, PA/US

Food / Lunch


Pizza is available for pre-order via Orders are due by 5pm on Monday January 9th. (This pizza will come from a local restaurant - DaVinci's.)

*Please note that no single-use plastic water bottles will be sold or provided at the tournament. Please bring a refillable bottle.Thanks for your help in minimizing plastic waste!*


There will be lunch items provided for judges in the judges lounge. Judges should bring their own mugs for hot beverages to minimize waste. Thanks!


Other Food Options????

For those considering pre-ordering pizza on Tabroom, we are ordering from a local “Italian Eatery” called DaVinci’s. You are welcome to order directly. Their menu can be found here:

Furthermore, there are many other food choices near the high school including Wegmans, Chipotle, Neato Burrito, Panera Bread and Chick-fil-A. Feel free to explore using our school’s address, 6746 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg , Cumberland County. Not all deliver.