Colleyville Heritage Winter Invitational

2023 — Colleyville, TX/US

World Schools Debate Schedule

We will follow the NSDA/TFA rules for this event. Once we know the prepared motions for the spring, we will post what we are using here. We will also post links to some documents that better explain and help you with the scoring of this event. Expect those to be added in the coming weeks.

World Schools Debate Schedule

Friday, February 4

4:30pm Announce Round 1 motion

4:45pm Mandatory Judge Training

5:30pm Round 1 (Impromptu)

7:00pm Round 2 (Prepared)

8:30pm Round 3 (Prepared)

Saturday, February 5

9:00am Round 4 (Prepared, opposite of Round 3)

10:30am Round 5 Impromptu Motion

11:30am Round 5

1:00pm Announce First Elim motion

2:00pm First Elim (Impromptu)

4:30pm Second Elim (Prepared)

6:00pm Third Elim (Prepared)

Order of the Prepared Motions

Round 1 Impromptu Motion

Round 2 In art and popular culture, This House believes that creating new lead characters for minorities (e.g. Black Panther, Shang-Chi, and Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) is preferable to recasting them in existing roles already played by other actors/communities (e.g. Ghostbusters, The Little Mermaid).

Round 3 This House would ban lethal autonomous weapons

Round 4. Round 3 motion on opposite sides

Round 5 Impromptu

Elim 1 Impromptu Motion

Elim 2 This House would ban somatic and germline human genome editing research conducted by private entities

Elim 3. This House supports mandatory voting in national elections