Katy Taylor TFA TOC NIETOC Fall Classic

2022 — NSDA Campus/Taylor High School, TX/US


Judging Information

School Judges - All schools entering the tournament must have a school judge registered in Tabroom.com available for all rounds.


Volunteer Judges -  If you are volunteering please fill out the Katy Volunteer Judging Form. All volunteer judges need a Tabroom account.  More information will come soon.


Hired Judges - If you want to be hired to judge, please fill out the Katy Taylor Judge Contract Form.   Payment is $250 for judges who can cover the full three day tournament.  If unable to judge the full tournament, partial contracts may be awarded depending on availability and experience. Thursday only is $75, Friday only is $75 and Saturday only is $100.  You must have a Tabroom Account. https://www.tabroom.com/  Please fill out the information below if you are interested in being hired.  You may email MerryGHollis@KATYISD.ORG if you have further questions.  Thank you!  

The Tournament is a HYBRID Tournament.  Debate events will be virtual hosted on NSDA Campus.  Speech Events will be in person on Saturday at Taylor High School. 

Please complete the KISD Paperwork.  You can apply as vendor and fill out the information here: https://mss.katyisd.org/vss/Vendors/default.aspx   and then complete the forms found here:  https://tinyurl.com/TaylorJudgeforms22  

Please fill them out and return them to us at MerryGHollis@katyisd.org.