2023 — Saratoga, CA/US

The Prospect High School Speech and Debate Team cordially invites you to the eleventh annual Georgiana Hays Debate Invitational at Prospect High School, Saratoga. Georgiana Hays was an English teacher and debate coach who led Prospect’s debate program to nationals twice during her tenure. At a tournament hosting some of the finest debaters in the nation, it is only fitting that her name should grace the trophy.

The Hays Invitational will be held from 5/20 – 5/21, 2023. Students will have the opportunity to compete in Parliamentary, Public Forum, or Lincoln-Douglas debate, in either the Open or Novice divisions. Additionally, middle school and homeschooled students are more than welcome to attend.


  • BE ON TIME! Check-in will be at 8 A.M. for debate and 8:30 A.M for speech.

  • We will be using NSDA Campus as our online platform – parliamentary will be ONLINE and Lincoln-Douglas and speech events will be IN PERSON.

  • Rounds 3-5 will be powermatched.

  • The top two teams and speakers in each division receive awards.

  • A team can compete in novice only if they have been competing for a year or less in the event that they are registered for.


  • Parliamentary will loosely follow CHSSA rules. Points of Information are permitted (at speaker’s discretion) in the constructive speeches except during the first and last minute of each speech. Points of Order are allowed in the final speeches. The speaking times are 7PM-8LO-8MG-8MO-4LO-5PM. Laptops may be used during prep, but no prep in-round. There will be no coach prep allowed. Parliamentary will have 20 minutes of prep time prior to each round.

  • Debaters cannot use the NSDA Campus chat during the round, unless it is regarding timing/audio/email chain issues.

  • Debaters may use the contact option on NSDA Campus regarding missing competitors and/or judges or email


  • LD will follow NSDA rules and use the NFL March/April resolution (TBA) in all divisions. Email chains can be started at the agreement of both competitors and judges but are not required. The speaking times are 6A1-7N1/NR1-3CX1-4AR1-6NR2-3AR3. Total prep time provided to all debaters is 4 minutes.

  • Protests and evidence challenges may be brought up to the tournament directors via email at Please only contact the directors if the problem remains unresolved despite discussions between competitors and the judge.

  • All competitors must be in their respective rooms within 5 minutes of the round start time or else there will be a forfeit.


  • Speech Events Offered

    • Interpretive Events: Humorous Interp, Dramatic Interp, Duo

    • Limited Prep: Impromptu, Extemp


  • During online registration, schools will be required to register their judges by name. One corresponding judge will be required every two teams, rounding up.

  • Judges must attend roll-call prior to the start of the tournament. Failure to do so may result in a $50 fine PER ROUND.

  • Judges must have/create personal Tabroom accounts before the tournament and have personal devices that can connect to the internet. We will be doing e-ballots.

  • We will not be providing hired judges for any division.

  • Judges may use the contact option on NSDA Campus regarding missing competitors.

  • Judges must judge one round beyond the elimination of your last competitor/team in that event.

  • Judges in NOVICE DIVISIONS ONLY may be high schoolers that are juniors or seniors and can demonstrate extensive debate experience.

  • The judging obligation is 1 judge per 2 entries for debate events and rounds up (e.g. if you have 3 entries you owe 2 judges)

  • The judging obligation is 1 judge per 3 entries for speech events and rounds up (e.g. if you have 4 entries you owe 3 judges)


Parliamentary Debate

  • Varsity Parliamentary → $50 per team

  • Novice Parliamentary → $50 per team

Lincoln Douglas

  • LD → $45 per debater

Speech / IE

  • ALL IE events, Novice & Varsity → $20 per entry

  • ALL DUO entries → $40 per team

Please make checks out to:

Prospect High School

Attn: James Kopp (Banker)

18900 Prospect Rd

Saratoga, CA 95070

All checks must be received the Wednesday before the day of the tournament, 5/17

If you have any questions, please email Kriti Sharma at or use